Dan Q found GLMJ08ZC Ferryman’s Fury

This checkin to GLMJ08ZC Ferryman's Fury reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

The last of my finds for today, during my walk from Tintern to Underhill. The rain stopped in the end and so I didn’t have to get soaked while standing out on the bridge (although I did get odd looks from passing cars: I tried to look like I was admiring the view!). Nice little cache. TFTC.

Logs looking scrappy and close to end-of-life: not going to flag for maintenance because it’s still a perfectly servicable cache, but the next time you’re in the area it’d probably appreciate a new roll of paper.

Really impressed by many of the caches I’ve seen in this area, this week. Thanks so much!

Map of 51.707,-2.6692

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