Hi there. I’m /u/avapoet, and I made MegaMegaMonitor.

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I expect that there are many of you who would appreciate it (especially in its latest version), but haven’t heard about it yet. Basically, what it does is tells you:

  • What Mega*Lounge level people have reached (if they’re in the same or lower level than you), or that they’re higher if they’ve gotten higher than you. That’s really useful when you’re gilding people!
  • If you’re in one of a set of special secret subreddits (including the MegaLounge chain), it’ll help you to identify your (Mega!)-friends elsewhere on Reddit. It’s a great way to help build communities, because you’ll start “recognising” people that you’ve seen in the Megas (or… “elsewhere”) in the normal subs.

It’s a browser plugin that works on most desktop and some mobile platforms, and you can install it here. If you give it a go, let me know how you get on and come chat with the rest of us about it, over in /r/megamegamonitor.


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