TIL that early in the second world war, Churchill (anticipating trench warfare stalemates as in the first world war) commissioned the invention of a “mole” machine that could dig new trenches to take itself and a convoy of tanks deep into the enemy lines.

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The original link was: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultivator_No._6

Are you running v98? Can you help me with an experiment?

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Hi! It’s me, /u/avapoet. You might remember me from such MegaMegaMonitor releases as v95 and v92. Also, this post right here.

Anyway: v98 contains the first third of an experimental new feature that I haven’t decided whether or not to implement the second half of, yet. This post is a proof-of-concept of the first half of the feature. Would you mind looking at this post (the actual post – you’ll need to click the “comments” link… and you’ll need to do so with MegaMegaMonitor enabled, of course), and then leaving a comment to let me know that… it appeared in a way that made sense, and showed the kinds of things that you’d… expect it to show. ;-)







Don’t give too much away in the comments, though: remember that just because you can see something on the Internet doesn’t mean that everybody can see it. Don’t believe me? If you’re using RES, click the “source” link under this text and you’ll see for yourself what I typed here…


MegaMegaMonitor now supports DecadeClub

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If you already use /r/MegaMegaMonitor, great! Now it supports /r/DecadeClub, too. If you don’t then, well: maybe you should!

As a DecadeClub member, what MegaMegaMonitor enables you to do is to see a piece of DecadeClub “flair” next to other DecadeClub members, anywhere on Reddit. If you’re in certain other private subs (e.g. /r/gildeddrunk, /r/MagicSecrets, /r/The_Haven, /r/MegaEarth, or any MegaLounge) then it’ll highlight your friends from there, too. It’s like RES-tagging everybody from your private subs… but you don’t have to do the hard work of keeping your tag list up to date!

Give it a go! Let me know what you think.

Edit: This is what this post looks like to me, for example, with all the appropriate bits of flair showing.

v95 adds comment-searching powers to help those of you who like to gild others “up” the chain

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I’ve just pushed out version 95; you can get it by telling Greasemonkey to update manually, or just wait a day or so and you’ll get it automatically. This release makes some minor CSS improvements to help make the tooltips visible even on awkward subreddits (still a long way to go, though), and also adds a powerful new tool that I hope will be useful to those of you who like to help your fellow MegaPeople to ascend the ladder.

Here’s an example. Suppose I enjoyed /u/glitzyjan‘s comment, sharing a video in /r/MegaMegaLounge, and would like to give them gold and help them climb the ladder. MMM tells me that /u/glitzyjan is already in /r/MegaLoungeV, so they’d probably appreciate my gold better if I were to go and give it to some arbritary post of theirs in /r/MegaLoungeV, but it’s a bit of a drag for me to go all the way through their post history just to find them saying something in /r/MegaLoungeV.

That’s where this new feature comes in: it does the searching for me. It’s not much faster than I am, but I can kick it off in a separate tab and then come back to it in a few minutes. First, I click the new MMM Options/Tools link in MegaMegaMonitor. Then I fill in the form to say that I’m looking for a post or comment by /u/glitzyjan in /r/MegaLoungeV and click Search. MegaMegaMonitor will then start exploring as fast as it can through /u/giltzyjan‘s post and comment history and reports back on what it sees. Like this!

It’s very rough around the edges right now, but I’ve been using it over here for the last couple of days and it functions, even though it’s ugly as sin, so I thought I’d share it with any of you that want to try it out, too. And if you don’t: well that’s fine too, just ignore it. But I think this new feature could be very useful for folks like me who sometimes like to reward good posters by gilding them in their highest lounge, rather than just where they produce the great content.

Tip: if you’re happy with the results you’ve got e.g. you’ve found what you’re looking for, click “Stop searching.” Or it’ll keep going until it’s read the entire post and comment history of your target, which will take a long time and will start to slow your computer down! This is a slow operation because I can’t pre-cache it all for you like I do the other parts of MMM (because I don’t know what you’re going to search for in advance!), but it should still be faster than doing it by hand, which many of us do already!

tl;dr: New tool lets you search for posts/comments made by a particular person in a particular subreddit. Great for chain-gilders.

I just sold a flat and bought some creddits. Who wants gold?

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Today, I just agreed the sale of the flat (that’s “apartment” outside of British English) that I inherited from my father (who died three years ago yesterday), and I’m marking the occasion by splashing out on a pack of 36 creddits to fuel a gold train.

/r/MegaLoungeVIII‘s getting crowded. Who wants to come up to /r/MegaLoungeIX?

Just for fun, I’ve pre-generated ascension graphs for everybody in MegaLoungeIndia

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As described over there, I’ve come up with a way to make graphs of the speed of everybody’s ascension through the MegaLounges. But because everybody up here in /r/MegaLoungeIndia is far too important to have to ask for things for themselves, I’ve pre-generated graphs for you all. Here they are:

Hope that provides some amusement and diversion to you all.

Mini-release 94 adds double-click-to-subreddit functionality, fixes bugs

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Hi all,

Just pushed out a new mini-release, v94, if you’re interested. The major changes are:

  • As requested, double-clicking on a piece of flair will now take you to the relevant subreddit (with one exception that probably nobody will ever find anyway).
  • When clicking “check for update?”, upon successfully updating the age of the data downloaded to your computer is updated immediately, rather than after the next page refresh.

Updated version is on its way to the server now; give it 10 minutes and then update, or wait and your computer will update MMM for itself within the next 24 hours.

Dan Q found GLGNNFWF Jeremy Bentham

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My meeting at Westminster Abbey finished marginally sooner than I’d expected, giving me time to find one more London cache before getting on a tube at St. James (and eventually onto a bus back to Oxford). I opted for this one, and spent a little while looking at exactly the hiding place while I waited for a man having a smoke right in front of it to finish and wander off! Bit of a tight squeeze out of and into the hiding place, but not a hard find. TFTC!

(My 300th find!)

Dan Q found GLGNMRRK Where are all the apples?

This checkin to GLGNMRRK Where are all the apples? reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Didn’t plan on geocaching today, but after I ran early on my journey into London for a meeting at Westminster Abbey, I thought I’d come out and find this one. Didn’t have my GPSr, but my phone managed to deliver me to exactly the right spot for a reasonably easy find. TFTC!