Dan Q found GLEGBDER Way Down West 1

This checkin to GLEGBDER Way Down West 1 reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

And so it begins! I’ve been spending this week on holiday in Croyde, and decided this afternoon to attempt the Northern loop of the Way Down West series, which I’d earmarked for an expedition (and copied to my GPSr) last week. It was an awesome series, and I wish I could give Favourite Points to about a dozen of them, but I don’t have enough to spare and I’ll instead just give a point to this, the first one, in the hope that it’ll encourage others to attempt the series, too.

Love the hiding place: I’m always pleased to see a cacher put some effort into their hides. TFTC.

Map of 51.15715,-4.12403

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