Dan Q couldn’t find GC3VJAT Route Canal – Dukes Cut

This checkin to GC3VJAT Route Canal - Dukes Cut reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

My last hunt of the day, as it started to get dark and my GPSr’s battery finally died and it made a sad noise and fell asleep. The hint only told me what I already knew: my signal had been spot on! But that didn’t help me find the cache. I wondered if it might have been too high for me to see, or reach, so I climbed a tree (haven’t done that in a while!) and looked down at where I suspected it might be, but no luck. Searched a lot of places, but eventually had to give up.

Wonderful location, though: I’ll certainly be coming back for another hunt.

Map of 51.7924,-1.2942

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