I’ve been sticky googly eyes to things.

Robot graffiti with googly eyes.
Things like this robot, painted onto the door of the bathrooms of a hipsterish East Oxford bar.

(it looks like one of the robot’s eyes fell off before the bar‘s owners Instragram’d it)

Robot with googly eyes.
See the robot? THE ROBOT SEES YOU NOW!

There are those who would argue that this isn’t true eyebombing, because I ought to be sticking eyes to non-anthropomorphic, inanimate objects, and making them look alive by doing so. But the folks on /r/eyebombing don’t seem to mind: they’re far more-focused on the chaos and hilarity that ensues when you just put eyes on any damn thing that looks like it could benefit from them.

This guy's so angry he's popping his eyes out of his head!
This guy’s so angry he’s popping his eyes out of his head!

When I was on holiday in Jersey, for example, I found an unattended rack of tourist information leaflets that were just crying out for a ‘bombing.

"Does this dress make my eyes look fat?"
“Does this dress make my eyes look fat?”

And because I pretty-much carry googly eyes around with me all the time – in the pocket that generally contains my headphones, a pen, a hair tie, and other everyday essentials – I started sticking eyes onto things.

Soon. Creepy cyclist is watching you exercise.

The game didn’t stop even when I touched back down on the mainland.

Sign at the toilets in the arrivals lounge of Gatwick Airport.
Sign at the toilets in the arrivals lounge of Gatwick Airport.

Where next…

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  1. I used to do that in high school – I had two different-sized pairs of eyes in my pencil case which I used to liven up textbooks. (My favourite was Mother Teresa holding a kid.) I didn’t know there was a name for it.

  2. CHRISTeL::❤'s::YOU! (@whotheF_i_is) CHRISTeL::❤'s::YOU! (@whotheF_i_is) says:

    oh no…now I just HAVE to do it! #eyebombing

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