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  • Gypsies, a Turkey, a pan of French Fries, and the Kings of Leon

    Odd One Out?

    24 December, 2013

    Which is the odd-one out: gypsies, turkeys, french fries, or the Kings of Leon? It's a simple riddle, but...

  • A hanged man being quartered by his executioner.

    The Hardest Hangman

    15 December, 2013

    What's the hardest possible word to guess in Hangman? Many have wondered, but Dan felt the need to find...

  • Narrowboating

    12 December, 2013

    Back in the summer, Dan went narrowboating with Ruth, JTA, and Matt P, and the experience slowed his thinking...

  • De Klerk, by Philip van Djik.

    Pen testing

    13 November, 2013

    When testing a pen, some people write their name, some people scribble, and some write something. Dan looks at...

  • Dean is accused of the murder.

    The Ambassador’s Notebook (Murder Mystery)

    4 November, 2013

    Dan, Ruth and JTA host a murder mystery party based on a kit given to them for free by...

  • The Ambassador's Notebook

    Wanted: Two Murder Suspects

    29 October, 2013

    With apologies for the short notice, Dan, Ruth and JTA seek players for a murder mystery party this weekend!...

  • Pocket Searching

    22 October, 2013

    Accidental pocket-dialling is so last decade. Dan's been practicing accidental pocket-searching, and he's coming up with some strange results.

  • Becky and Sarah in the front of Becky's car, as seen in

    The Family Vlog

    24 August, 2013

    Dan introduces his sister's weekly vlog, and his own review vlog (reviewing his sister's weekly vlog), along with playlist...

  • Dan is handed keys and a bottle of sparkling wine by Mark, the estate agent.

    Buying A House, Part 6

    21 August, 2013

    The epic conclusion to the Buying A House series, in which Alec comes over and helps Dan, Ruth, JTA...

  • Bus/cycle lane heading South on Banbury Road.

    Wear Your Cycle Helmet

    14 August, 2013

    Today, Dan was involved in a collision between his bike and a car, and sustained minor injuries. But if...

  • One of the existing owners talks to the surveyor as he inspects the conservatory.

    Buying a House, Part 5

    1 August, 2013

    As part of their ongoing efforts to buy and move into a house of their own, Dan, Ruth and...

  • Buying a House, Part 4 – Call To Arms!

    19 July, 2013

    Can you help Dan, Ruth and JTA to move house on 27th & 28th July? They need your help!

  • Ruth's pregnancy test, showing

    Second Time Lucky

    8 July, 2013

    Ruth's pregnant! That's all, really, but you can click through to the blog post for a little more information,...

  • 20130616_095447

    New Volunteers for Three Rings

    8 July, 2013

    Following their weekend in Jersey, Dan, Ruth and JTA went off to Malvern to train three new Three Rings...

  • 20130609_161547


    2 July, 2013

    Dan sticks googly eyes to things. Hilarity ensues.

  • Q from James Bond.

    Just One Q

    28 June, 2013

    With the recent announcement that his friend Jimmy and his ex- Claire are engaged, Dan realises that he might...

  • A 22-page form; each page is double-sided for added insanity.

    Buying a House, Part 3

    27 June, 2013

    In the third blog post in this series, Dan, Ruth and JTA acquire some lawyers, fill out a mortgage...

  • 20130608_201814


    24 June, 2013

    JTA, Dan, Ruth, and her mother take a long-weekend holiday to the island of Jersey, and nobody kills anybody.

  • Cougar Town characters playing Penny Can.

    Movie Title Mash-Ups

    21 June, 2013

    Dan and Ruth spend the greatest part of an evening playing "Movie Title Mash-Up", the second-silliest social game to...

  • Mortgage broker Stefan Cork amidst our mountains of paperwork.

    Buying a House, Part 2

    30 May, 2013

    Recently, Ruth, Dan and JTA went looking at lots of houses. Then they decided to buy one, and engaged...

  • A variety of shades of orange.


    21 May, 2013

    Which orange came first: the colour or the fruit? Dan answers this chicken-and-egg question, and then muses on the...

  • Scene from 12 Angry Men. Henry Fonda explains his vote of

    Jury Duty, Part 4

    15 May, 2013

    Dan's jury service comes to an end, and he looks back on it as he fills in his expenses...

  • A court clerk shufles a deck of 15 slips of paper.

    Jury Duty, Part 3

    12 May, 2013

    As part of his ongoing jury duty, Dan serves on a trial. And while he can't write about the...

  • Oxford Crown and County Court, on St. Aldates, Oxford.

    Jury Duty, Part 2

    10 May, 2013

    Dan's done his first day of jury service, in which he mostly sat around in a waiting room and...

  • A very pink attic bedroom.

    Buying a House, Part 1

    2 May, 2013

    Dan, Ruth, and JTA are looking for a new house, and their first opportunity to buy a home. Dan...

  • An opened food tin.

    The Worst Joke I Ever Heard

    16 April, 2013

    After refusing to share it for over twenty years, Dan performs his first (and only) re-telling of the worst...

  • My Jury Summons, showing my juror number and instructions on what a Jury Summons means. Parts are censored to protect my address and details that could make it possible for somebody to impersonate me as a juror.

    Jury Duty, Part 1

    9 April, 2013

    Dan's been called for jury service. Naturally, he's going to be blogging about it (except for the bits that...

  • Monopoly (British Edition) in its current branding

    What’s Wrong With Monopoly?

    3 April, 2013

    Monopoly enjoys cult status and a massive following the world over, yet it's one of the worst imaginable board...

  • A

    Non-transitive Games

    23 March, 2013

    Dan learns about non-transitive games, writes a program to calculate the probabilities of winning a non-transitive dice game, and...

  • I'm sure that the hot tub was only meant to seat five or six, but that didn't stop us all piling into it at the end of a day's snowsports.

    Hello 2013: Les Gets

    21 March, 2013

    Continuing his series of "catch up about the beginning of the year" blog posts, Dan talks about his trip...