Every Full Moon

Every Full Moon

This is what happens when you let geeks write your billing software:

I would like to be billed... every full moon. Seriously?

From the website of Andrews & Arnold ISP.

Dan Q is a software engineer, a director of a voluntary organisation, a trainee counsellor, a keen geocacher, and an amateur magician. He lives with his partner and her husband in a polyamorous triad, and occasionally finds time to blog.


  1. Ruth 6 years ago

    What if I want to pay every new moon?

    • Scatman Dan 6 years ago

      You’re right. They should have an “offset” field so they can support offset by a number of days: then you could have “bill me every full moon, offset 14”.

  2. Katie 6 years ago

    I love AAISP :) I first started to fully appreciate their sense of humour after seeing their abuse-mail address: abuse@a-charge-is-made-for-passing-on-copyright-notices.bill.me.uk

    (That said, my connection has been cutting out every five or six minutes all evening, so actually I just want to hit them with a very large stick tonight. But generally, they’re great!)