Dan Q found GL4ZB9QK Oxford United FC

This checkin to GL4ZB9QK Oxford United FC reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

My favourite cache of the day! A wonderful little adventure!

I’d not noticed when I copied the data to my GPSr that this find was going to involve as much leg-work as it did! Starting in Headington, I collected the clues, zipping effortlessly around the locations by bike. Then, sat on the side of London Road, I came up with the coordinates. HOW FAR? Wow… it’s a good job I’m ready for a decent cycle, today, and I’ve got a few caches down that way that I’d like to collect anyway.

Several miles (and many caches) later I found myself getting close, hoping that I’d not miscalculated or gotten the wrong numbers. When I got close, it became clear to me where it was likely to be hidden: but the recent rain had made the ground treacherously slippy, and I struggled to get the cache, between groups of people walking past, without falling over!

I have no interest whatsoever in football, but I thoroughly enjoyed this cache… as well as enjoying learning a little bit of local history! TFTC!


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