The Game Disbalancer

The Game Disbalancer

Coming to an Arkham Horror game near you… never.

Click for large-o-vision. You know, I think that having this guy on the team might just make the game winnable. Maybe.

Dan Q is a software engineer, a director of a voluntary organisation, a trainee counsellor, a keen geocacher, and an amateur magician. He lives with his partner and her husband in a polyamorous triad, and occasionally finds time to blog.


  1. Katie 7 years ago

    Anything that makes Arkham Horror in <3hrs is a good thing in my book…

  2. Katie 7 years ago

    Er, that should say “Anything that makes Arkham Horror winnable…”
    Long week.

  3. Adam W 7 years ago

    Ooh – and who wouldn’t want to peruse his particulars, just to see what’s on the cards?

  4. Cas 7 years ago

    Heh, the first time I played AH we won it! We were lucky, though, that we got a couple of the really prolific gates closed quickly early on. It was pure chance, too, since none of the players knew the stats.