Dan Q found GL3FWM7G CAT1 – Bridge2Bridge – The Pool

This checkin to GL3FWM7G CAT1 - Bridge2Bridge - The Pool reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

On our way back from the excellent “PC-001 Costly Culvert”, it began to rain, and we considered just going straight home… but then we noticed a few more caches on the way and we couldn’t resist hunting for one or two more before we called it a day. This cache was the tenth of the day for fleeblewidget and I, and we needed the hint before we worked out where we were looking. A very imaginative cache, I’m very impressed!

Don’t be put off by the civil engineers building… whatever it is they’re building… at the moment, they’re not in the way and they’re not really paying attention to people looking for geocaches.

Also; this cache probably ought to have the “public restrooms nearby” attribute, as there’s a toilet right next to it!

Map of 51.60115,-1.11877

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