Dan Q found GL3DVXT1 Idiom cat

This checkin to GL3DVXT1 Idiom cat reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

The first time I saw this cache was the very first time I looked for it, weeks ago. I worked out exactly where it was, looked there, and stared right at it. I even thought to myself: “Wow, that gives me a great idea for a cache!” Little did I know but my idea WAS the idea that this cache’s creator had had…

Then today, I saw my idea implemented in a photo of another cache, on the web. “Hey,” I thought, “That was my idea.” Then the penny dropped, “Hang on… I’ve SEEN one JUST like that.” Sure enough, that was how Idiom Cat was hidden, too.

Should have brought tweezers to get at the log, though; I snapped my pen levering it out!

Map of 52.4168,-4.08362

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