Last weekend, I found myself in Macclesfield to celebrate the engagement of Liz and Simon. Highlights in brief included:

  • Board games with the happy couple and their friends, as well as the Aberites who were present. Just like old-school Geek Nights.
  • Liz & Simon’s awesome new house. Also, their cats, one of whom took a special interest in Bryn‘s crotch for the duration of his visit.
  • Seeing people I don’t see often enough. Meeting lots of fabulous new people.
  • A surprising heavy dump of snow, tramping around in it, and attempting to sledge on a sleigh made from – by the looks of things – a plank of wood and two chair legs (not particularly successful).
  • Tasty pizza. Followed by the chef coming out to ask me how it was, presumably because I’d been overheard talking about the art of pizza making, the consistency of their dough, etc.: I’ve been eating a lot of pizza, recently, as I’ll explain in a future post.
  • Dancing until late to awful music on a knackered old sound system by a foulmouthed transvestite DJ. It’s always a pleasure to get the chance to dance with Liz, one of the few people who seems to enjoy flailing around to music almost as much as I do.
  • Brief game of I Have Never… in Liz & Simon’s kitchen, after the night out: even more “just like old times” than old-style Geek Night, for a handful of us at least.
  • A quick geocaching hike the following morning, to a handful of caches nearby.
  • Finding a pub with an amazing sign (well, I was impressed): click the pictures for larger versions.

A big thanks due to Liz and Simon for a fantastic party!



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