My house is full of it. This isn’t good.

Much thanks to Welsh Water, where a friendly man talked me through the quirks in my stop tap (who’d have thought that it would be so hard to turn a tap off and drain a system). Now I suppose I ought to start mopping. Then I suppose I ought to find out what’s burst, and why.

Alongside all of this, I need to work out how to stop my washing machine from being so confused and let me have my bedsheets back. I don’t think the engineers that programmed it ever thought of the possibility that the water supply might be interrupted mid-cycle.

It’s going to be a long night.

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  1. Got to bed about 4am after much mopping. Hallway still full of plaster. Ceiling wallpaper royally fucked. Getting there.

  2. Seriously though, you rent the place, so….. your landlord (who should be insured for such an occurence) should cover repairs, cleaning and any damage to your goods if their was a fault or burst in a pipe not caused by you I think. You should check out what they can do once you’ve found out what caused it. What a bloomin’ nightmare! Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  3. Oh no, nightmare! One of those moments when you wish you kept more rubber ducks in your house just so you could have a photo of them floating around your house? Hope nothing of yours is badly damaged, wallpaper aside.

    Good luck

  4. I think there might’ve been a proper pipe failure late last night; not long after I spoke to you I went to fill the kettle & the water pressure was way higher than normal.

    I pretty much dismissed this as a psychosomatic, or something, but the water was coming out pretty muddy; is it possible a burst somewhere else overloaded your plumbing?

  5. Not just you, JTA: while trying to lower the pressure while hunting for the stop tap, this morning, I noticed that the pressure was remarkably high; and I’m aware that Welsh Water are doing a lot of work digging up the town at the moment (we were advised yesterday to not drink any discoloured water at work), so maybe a pressure surge is what caused my pipes to fail. But looks like they must’ve had something wrong in the first place to be vulnerable at all.

    Plumber’s here now and had is poking at my hole (ooh-err), so we’ll get there in the end. Man, I’m tired.

  6. We had this happen the day when I was in second year, though thankfully was a bit more localised cause it was the washing machine causing the floodin (wow they can gush) and we stopped it causing any major damage. Bloody annoying though. Getting my clothes back was also a nightmare.

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