“I’m sure we’ve got the budget for a copy of Firefox.”

Today, I had to explain to somebody that Mozilla Firefox is free*.

Let me elaborate slightly. Today, I had to explain to an IT professional that Mozilla Firefox is free.

Let me go a tiny bit further. Today, I had to explain to an IT professional with decades of experience, working for an very large government-funded body, that Mozilla Firefox is free. This isn’t some kid who got started on Windows XP. This is a man who remembers the first browser war. A man who works on UNIX systems in his day-to-day work, I gather. A man who should know better. Surely! Surely?

This is where your tax money is going. I think the UK FOSS advocacy scene just died a little inside.

* Free as in beer, for those that are counting.


  1. JTA JTA says:

    Ah, the First Browser War.

    That was the one where all the base icons were circular, right?*

    *I cannot tell if this is even slightly comprehensible, let alone funny, but it amused me.

  2. justdroppingby justdroppingby says:

    LOL that is hilarious and totally not surprising at all, the kind of berks in the IT field is just unbelievable..

    “No wonder the govt are all still using IE6.”

    yeah not just the govt, try any number of organization and corporations run by idiots. I feel for the worker employees having to use such locked down garbage.

  3. Amy Amy says:

    In my last IT job there was a company (big company that shall remain nameless) who was actually spreading that FireFox was less secure than IE. It was a list of issues found. One thing they didn’t mention was the time it took to fix those issues – making FireFox still more secure.

    I feel your pain.

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