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There’s been quite a lot said recently on abnib about class. JTA opened up the debate; Claire followed up by listing some of her least favourite things about the stereotypes of the middle class, and attracted a lot of debate in her comments; Matt P argued that the class system doesn’t exist (or, at least, isn’t relevant) in the UK any more anyway; and even Beth weighed in with her opinions on the whole thing, although it did take me prodding her with a virtual stick before she did so.

I thought it was about time that I rode in like a knight in slimy armour (wearing my helm of peripheral vision, of course) and closed the argument once and for all:

Who says I can’t be a half-middle-class, half-lower-class half-Elf, half-Orc?

(with insincere apologies to those who don’t play Munchkin)

Incidentally, Geek Night this week will be on Friday at Ele and Penny‘s house.



  1. Rockmonkey Rockmonkey says:

    I’ve also got the half breed card but fortunately I have 2 cards of middle class race. Therefore I play them together and have all the advandages of middle class and none of the disadvantages.
    (note; yes I have my own munchkin now)

  2. Rockmonkey Rockmonkey says:

    Dammit I meant the super munchkin card, Middle is a class not a race.

  3. feebeestar feebeestar says:

    maybe it is just so ingrained within you being that it is in fact your breed.

  4. Katie Katie says:

    It seems a lot of people are talking about this at the moment.

    There are a few similar (ish) topics on my Students’ Union forums, and on Saturday, I was having talking about this exact thing on Saturday evening with Matt (having spent the entire day talking politics with people from Workers’ Liberty and the like at an event I was at).

  5. Annonymous Annonymous says:

    There are promo cards like the 1/3 Breed and the Ultra Munchkin, do a search for Promo Munchkin on eBay and you might find something cool. I like the bookmarks my self. Or you could just use blender and be a Super-Duper Munchkin and a Chimera, limitless race and class cards. A few of those cards are in the new munchkin 7 more good cards. Check it out and find your local agent for more goodies.

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