A New Look

I decided to apply a new look to my blog and to the rest of Scatmania. I’d had this one in the pipeline for ages, but I only just got around to putting the last tweaks onto it to put it live. There’s still a little bit to do, including some code optimisation and a few improvements to the graphics.

Crucially, though, the changes are in the backend: what now represents version 4.5 of the ScatEngine WordPress plugin is actually starting to become useful (it now integrates a few of my favourite antispam solutions and some other tools I use from time to time). Fun fun fun.

Here endeth the attention-seeking (and the test to see if my blog still correctly cross-posts to my LiveJournal…)

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  1. Personally I would narrow the fonts down a bit and drop Times from the button tabby things, but otherwise it’s a nice clean design. What’s the background picture btw?

  2. Good tips there, Raz. Will implement some of those.

    The background picture is of an old stone wall with a raised metal motif, taken somewhere in Israel – can’t claim I took it, I’m afraid, but I’m using it with permission from the photographer.

  3. Was trying to increase white-space and make it more “airy”, but the amount of extra white-space depends entirely on your screen resolution. Will consider your points.

    Pretty sure it is cross-posting to LJ – LiveJournal’s servers were down at the point at which I made this post, though.

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