Troma Night At The Cottage

Troma Night tonight is at The Cottage. I’ll dig up as many seats as I can, but be advised that stragglers will end up on the natty wooden chairs so if you’re late – bring a cushion! Apart from that; usual rules apply.

We’ll be playing The Fifth Element, but with an unusual twist – we’ll be playing a Mike Nelson RiffTrax over it! For those of you who we haven’t raved to about this already – about half the folks behind the fantastic Mystery Science Theater 3000 now record dub tracks for mainstream movies and sell them over the internet: we’ll be starting an MP3 simultaneously with the movie, and so Mike Nelson and co will be saving us the bother of taking the piss out of the movie by doing so for us. It’s a Troma Night experiment, but if it’s successful, we’ll put a few more RiffTrax’d films on future Troma Nights.

What else? Well; I’m still open to suggestions: I’d like to put on one of the awful flicks that Jimmy‘s kindly supplied second, though: I’m thinking either Nightmaster (teen ninja stupidity), Carnosaur 3: Primal Species (terrorists release genetically-enhanced dinosaurs, special forces have to save the day), or Cyborg 3: The Recycler (cyberdellos and mechano-whores scavenge cyborg parts and sell them).
And finally: if you’re behind on your American Dad, we’ll be doing our usual thing of watching the most recent two episodes starting at about 7pm.

See you later!


  1. How big is the mp3? Could you e-mail me a copy? It’s just I’ve got the Fith Element at home and want to feel involved.

  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Will see what I can do: Paul hasn’t provided me with a copy yet.

    You could always buy a copy on their web site!

  3. BigGayAdam BigGayAdam says:

    I love the way that your “and finally” actually occurs before everything else. I wish my chuckle when I’d read that had been ironic, but alas, no.

    Ah, the lasting legacy of an English degree: depressing, pathetic humour mixed with a generous dose of pedantry. I’ll get me coat.

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