Fun And Games With Google Suggest

Ah, the fun that’s to be had with Google Suggest:

Google is...Microsoft is...Wikipedia is...Ebay is...Gay people are...Eat my...Blogs are...George Bush is...Christians are...

Some interesting facts we’ve learned:

  • “Gay people are gay” results in more hits than “Microsoft is bad”.
  • The only things people seem to say about Wikipedia is that it’s slow and that it’s down.
  • The only people who don’t distrust or hate eBay aren’t sure whether or not it’s safe.
  • Christians are one of the few things in the world that people don’t seem to think are gay. However, they still hate them more than pretty much anything else, even “gay people”, who are at least “cool.”
  • Blogs are only slightly more gay than they are stupid.
  • George Bush is a gay, evil, stupid moronic idiot. And, presumably, a Christian.

Have a play with Google Suggest yourself.

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