Why Liz Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Text

Yesterday, I received the following text message from Liz, out-of-the-blue:

Hey! Hope your[sic] having a great time. Yes i[sic] care. L x

I thought that was a little unusual, but as this is Liz (who once sent me a text to tell me to “stay sexy”), I didn’t think too much of it.

Today, while I was in the RockMonkey chat room, where Liz was logged in as well, I was even more surprised to get a text from her (after all: she could just have typed her message to me). This one read:

Our stats coursework is back. I got 83 per cent. So so amazed. L

She announced this to the chat room at the same time, and so I started to wonder whether she’d meant to send me this message, and, of course, on a similar train of thought, whether she’d meant to send me the previous message.

<Ava_Work> You were so impressed with yourself… you texted me, too [as well as telling me here]! =o)
<LizH> sorry I was trying to text other dan [her boyfriend]. Damn what else have I been texting you. If itas anything naughty im sorry. Im so gonna have to start checkinigwho im txting now

For a moment, I was tempted to write this blogpost and make up that she’d texted me something naughty. Like, “Dan, I want your cock in me right now.” But then, if she’d have been sending me messages like that, I’d have not for a moment thought that it might have been destined for somebody else.


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