The End Of An Era

Well; yesterday saw the final Troma Night ever to take place in The Flat. Not to worry: there’ll be more at The Sharp, as I’m currently calling Claire and I’s new home, because “it’s like The Flat… only a little bit higher.” Still, it feels odd taking down all the film posters and things and packing all the tech’ into boxes.

It’s amazing quite how much stuff we’ve accumulated. We’re taking the oppertunity to purge some of it. I climbed into the attic here and started emptying it yesterday. This resulted in a find of:

  • Three computers in various states of disrepair
  • Two monitors
  • Two printers
  • Heaps of other stuff, tech’ and non-tech’

Most of this ‘spare’ computer tech is going to CRAFT for recycling, unless any of you want it, in which case come and claim it today and it’s yours. We don’t have an attic where we’re going, and we’d rather not fill up the spare bedroom with stuff just because we never use it – if we never use it, we don’t need to keep it!

Don’t forget, we’re moving Wednesday and all help this week – Wednesday, and Thursday/Friday for packing, moving, and cleaning/unpacking, respectively – is much appreciated. And a huge thanks to Paul already for doing the washing up, which is no mean feat!

Right – Claire’s complaining that I’m not helping her find the TV remote, so I’ll go do that. Jimmy – we’ve acquired a copy of last night’s Space Cadets (which, of course, we missed as a result of an overlap with Troma Night) so if you want to see it, come over sometime during the day.

Back to the packing;


  1. Ooo!

    Monitor please! As long as it’s good for the DOS box.


  2. hello Dan, I’m free on Thursaday and Friday so msg me if you want a hand. If you don’t msg I’m afraid I’m likely to forget. Love Jen

  3. We need a note on the door this Saturday telling people (and potentially pizza) that you’ve moved…

  4. Dan Q Dan Q says:


    Monitor saved. Can you pick it up before Wednesday, so we don’t have to move it and find somewhere for it in the new place, please?

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