Catch-Up: Back In Aber

Yeah; more catch-up stuff. Server was down, and I was lazy. Get over it.

Having returned from Preston/Manchester/Milton Keynes/London, this week has been spent back in Aberystwyth. Thursday’s Naruto Night had us in front of Future Boy Conan, an early Miyazaki cartoon series, among other things. Friday’s Geek Night saw us play two of the games I brought down from my trip to Preston: Man O’ War, a classic Games Workshop tabletop battle game, and Scotland Yard, an early-80’s deduction game which I’d always enjoyed as a kid. Ruth in particular seemed to enjoy disassembling the probability tree of the former, forming long mathematical chains of possible moves in her notes in order to catch “Mr. X”.

Saturday should have seen JTA, Ruth, Claire and I acquire a couple of rubber dinghies and ride the tide as it escaped down the River Rheidol and out to sea, but a major pollution incident (involving a ruptured sewage pipe near the river) put us off somewhat. Another time, then. Nonetheless, we had a good Troma Night, with the better-than-expected Ocean’s Twelve and the pretty awful Teenagers From Outer Space (which featured very few teenagers, none of which were from outer space). Hilareous watching, though.

Right; I feel caught-up, now. Time to get back to work on Troma Night Adventure 2


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