Dan Q found GLW69ZCE SFGE#1-UCL

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The hard part wasn’t finding the cache this evening but getting to it in a stealthy way! I sat on a kerb nearby for some time and retrieved and returned the cache during periods during which the nearby security guard was distracted with passing revellers. Phew! TFTC.

Tim Ferriss is wrong — no, maybe he’s right!

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Tim Ferriss is wrong — no, maybe he’s right! (changingminds.org)

There is an American principle that success is more about what you are making than what you are worth, and even less about being able to stop working. This is a brilliant cultural driver for a strong economy as it celebrates working billionaires. In Britain, the dream is more about making money then cashing in and going to sit on a beach somewhere. Maybe there is also a third way where, when you no longer worry about where the next meal is coming from or you family is reasonably secure, you then turn down the money-making drive to ‘maintenance’ mode, ease off on stress, and put your energies into what you like rather than what you must.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.