O what a beautiful moooooorniiiiing…

This repost was published in hindsight, on 11 March 2019.

Ruth wrote:

So, after raining for both my days off, it’s now sunny again. I don’t mind though. Friday I got rained on, had lunch at MGs, got rained on some more, did laundry, went for a bike ride and got rained on. In the evening JTA and I went to geek night and got rained on, but it was fun. We played Man O’ War and Scotland Yard, a couple of games that Dan found. I discovered how to make Scotland Yard a lot harder for the ‘baddy’ by maths. mwa ha ha.

Saturday was going to be the day Dan, Claire, JTA and I went down the Rheidol in a little plastic boat as the tide went out, but somebody’s spilt raw sewage into the river and polluted the bay, so we didn’t do that after all. Instead, I came home and did some reading, drank some tea, generally loafed about. When I made supper there were pigeons in the kitchen, which was a bit weird but apparently it’s a hazard of living on the sea-front.

Troma night in the evening. It was quite a quiet one, initially just Dan, Claire, JTA and I, although we were later joined by Bryn and Jon and a frazzled looking Matt P. We watched Ocean’s 12, which was much better than I expected, and then Teenagers From Space, which was enjoyably awful.

And now I’m going to spend this beautiful day working… Meh.

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