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Well; everything’s going notably well this last day or two: Naruto Night I, our new weekly Thursday Night anime night, went off well: only Paul, JTA, Claire and I were able to make it, but that’s pretty much the number we got to the first ever Troma Night, and look what a success that turned out to be… Anyway; Paul and I will try to get a web site set up, because we think this has potential.

Work’s going well, but that’s just work. Claire’s got some good news, but I think she’ll want to share it with you in her blog when she gets round to it.

And, after a few days of stalling, I’ve made a little more progress on TromaNightAdventure2, the sequel to my original RockMonkey WikiGame adventure game. My planned format has changed a little, and it won’t be featuring as a WikiGame directly any more, but… you’ll see: I’m hoping to formally announce progress and a release date next week.

Off to work. Don’t forget, no Geek Night tonight.

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  1. Congratulations Claire!

    JTA told me when he got back. But I can still pretend to be surprised when you tell me, if you like.

  2. Make sure you get your forehead protectors on order from eBay! Just search for Naruto and you’ll see a good selection of Leaf, Sand and Sound ones.

  3. Hey it just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t take it to the logical conclusion of running around Aber dressed as ninjas at 3 in the morning scaring creepy little old ladies in door ways! ;)

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