Naruto Night

Okay, okay, so I took my time to look at and get into Naruto, a most fantastic anime series. Thanks to Rory and Gareth for showing me the movie, and Paul for providing episodes.

We’ll now be having a weekly “Naruto Night” (to go alongside Tuesday’s “Knightmare Night”, Friday’s “Geek Night”, and Saturday’s “Troma Night”), on Thursday nights, starting tomorrow at 8pm. At each of these we’ll watch about 6 episodes of the Naruto series… assuming Paul can keep me supplied with them. And… I don’t know… eat ramen or something.

Tomorrow we’ll watch episodes 2 through 8, unless anybody comes along who’s never seen any before, in which case we’ll start at number 1. If you’re in two minds, come: it’s fab. See you there.

In other news, Geek Night this week will be rescheduled to Sunday night as Claire and I will be going on a “SmartData and friends and clients and friends and various French exchange students” pub crawl on Friday night. Which you’re all welcome to, if you like – I’ll happily introduce everybody to everybody – and if hanging out with drunken geeks is your thing, come along.

My head feels wheelful.

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  1. Yay! *packs bags and moves to Aber* You’ll love Naruto, it’s a brilliant series, there are a few slow spots but it just gets better and better as the series goes on. I can’t wait until it reaches where it’s at in the manga right now, it’s so exciting!

  2. Yay! Drunken geeks! Can we provide JTA with a list of fun questions to ask them? Like – “Surely once you’ve set up a website it just sits there? Why would you need to do anything else?” or “In this day and age, what with everything being so complicated, I wouldn’t have thought you’d need much security…”

  3. So that’s four nights of the week booked up. May I make suggestions for the other nights:

    Monday: Palindrome Night, where everyone may only speak in palindromes. Rise to vote sir!

    Wednesday: Potato Night, everyone brings an interesting potato then have a secret ballot to see which one wins. Then make mash.

    Sunday: GetOutInTheFuckingFreshAirForAChange Night.

  4. Aye, Raz. Claire and I have watched, like, the first six or eight or so, so we’re having to start over to include folks who haven’t.

    Knew that’d hurry you up in getting to Aber.

    RestlessBoy: Yeah; I was thinking we need something that actually gets people outside for one night of the week. Perhaps “CNPS Tour Of Car Parks Night”, as CNPS is catching on with certain people (Claire, JTA, Jimmy, etc.), or a designated “Swingball Tournament On The Beach” night; that’d be cool.


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