Geek Night

Last night’s Geek Night was fab: thanks to everybody who came. I didn’t win a single game, but that’s not what it’s about at all, really, is it. Kings & Things was fab, and it was great to get to play Tigris & Euphrates again (and lose for a change, damnit, at it). It was also great to watch the Illuminati game opposite, in which Andy destroyed the United Nations and Sian (who seemed to quite enjoy it, the happy little conspiracy theorist that she is) fought to control “weird” groups, and then there was the Chrononauts game with Jimmy and Pete, and… it was a fab night, anyway.

In other good news, Andy‘s going to launch his version of my Dingbats Challenge, soon, I gather, having receive a little technical support from my version in getting it set-up. Watch this space.

And finally – people coming to Knightmare Night tomorrow: fear not! For time turns and season four is on it’s way… there shall be at least two more Knightmare Nights hereafter!

Right; back to it… but first, lunch.


  1. andy andy says:

    i’ve posted it.

  2. andy andy says:

    oh and i’ve noticed you keep spelling ‘weird’ wrong. It’s not ‘wierd’ it’s one of a number of words which are exceptions to the ‘i before e when the sounding is ee’ rule. All the exceptions are contained in the sentence ‘Keith and Sheila were seized by a weird desire for protein down by the weir’.

    ah, the english language…

  3. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Yeah; I’m awful for wierd. Blurgh.

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