Busy Busy Busy

It’s going to be one of those weeks. I can tell: I haven’t finished stuff I was going to do on Monday morning yet. It’s not helped by the fact that we’ve had various computers fall over and we’ve got two French students (as part of the Leonardo da Vinci scheme) who need leading-by-the-hand for a couple of days. So much to do!

Still; Knightmare Night tonight; that’s always a giggle, and we’ll probably get to the end of season 3 and start season 4, which is the first one with pre-filmed outdoor scenes, the “dragon flight” sequence, the eye shield, and Pickle.

Geek Night

Last night’s Geek Night was fab: thanks to everybody who came. I didn’t win a single game, but that’s not what it’s about at all, really, is it. Kings & Things was fab, and it was great to get to play Tigris & Euphrates again (and lose for a change, damnit, at it). It was also great to watch the Illuminati game opposite, in which Andy destroyed the United Nations and Sian (who seemed to quite enjoy it, the happy little conspiracy theorist that she is) fought to control “weird” groups, and then there was the Chrononauts game with Jimmy and Pete, and… it was a fab night, anyway.

In other good news, Andy‘s going to launch his version of my Dingbats Challenge, soon, I gather, having receive a little technical support from my version in getting it set-up. Watch this space.

And finally – people coming to Knightmare Night tomorrow: fear not! For time turns and season four is on it’s way… there shall be at least two more Knightmare Nights hereafter!

Right; back to it… but first, lunch.

Another Knightmare

Peter and I, this time joined by Matt, JTA, Ruth, Andy R, Sian, and Katie watched another eight episodes of Knightmare (the first half of the second series) last night. Highlights include:

  • First ever winning team: they sucked up, they bribed, and they otherwise twisted the NPCs around their little fingers. Having seen this technique work, they tried being friendly to everything, with almost disastrous effects in level 3. Still slightly dozy, though: when they discover themselves on the nose of a large reptilian-looking creature, breathing smoke, they guessed it was a “crocodile”.
  • Wall Monster (giving riddle): This prince of Islam held all of Christendom at bay;
    To them he was known as Salah al Din;
    But how is it that we know him?
    Dungeoneer: Buddha?
  • First ever Asian dungeoneer (guided by three particularly stupid girls) comes across a giant, and Tregard says they need to “persuade it that they aren’t good to eat”. Matt chimes up: “Don’t eat me… I taste of curry!”
  • As Ruth describes: Dungeoneer’s guides repeatedly fail to mis-spell “shroud” (i.e. spell it in the wrong order), despite having just had it spelt for them on-screen.

After Knightmare, Pete, Matt, Katie and I sat up ’til about 2ish and debated religion, literature, philosophy, and 80’s television, in approximately the opposite of that order.

Knightmare again… next Tuesday!

“Spellcasting: Y-E-R-M-U-M.”

Spellcasting: A-L-C-O-H-O-L

Last night, Paul, Claire, Pete and I sat down, beer and gin and Dooley’s to hand, and watched the entire first series of 80’s kids TV game show Knightmare, taking a drink every time:

  • Team gives directions to dungeoneer that they can’t possibly follow. (“Go through the door.”)
  • Team gives wrong directions to dungeoneer. (“Turn left… no; I mean right…”)
  • Dungeoneer forgets how to differentiante between left and right. (“Take a small step to the right… I said RIGHT!”)
  • Dungeoneer gets to the next level.
  • Dungeoneer dies horribly.
  • Dungeoneer dies as a result of having not picked up a particular item in a previous room, but having been given no clue that they should have. (“You brought the silver bar, but you should have brought the gold bar; idiot.”)
  • Dungeoneer picks up an obvious red herring. (“On the table is a key, a ruby, and a small red fish.” “Take the fish! The fish!”)
  • Dungeoneer does something patently stupid. (“I know I can carry two items, but let’s not bother – let’s leave the obvious clues right here in this room we can never come back to.”)
  • Particularly clever riddle; one which none of us manage to solve.
  • Merlin.
  • Knight brutally killed by magic.

This, coupled with a gratuitous amount of shouting things like “Spellcasting! M-O-R-O-N!” whenever teams did anything particularly stupid lead to a fun evening for all.