Fire On The Beach

This is what makes Aber great: that somebody can suggest a fire and a couple of hours later there are over a dozen people huddled round a pile of wood, separating burgers.

Claire, Dan, and Jimmy

We had some difficulty getting the fire lit to begin with – perhaps something to do with the fact that it had been snowing for most of the afternoon – but eventually (with enough blowing on the part of Peter and I) we had a wonderful little blaze going. Three disposable barbecues gave us enough food to satisfy everybody, and we all sat out as the evening wore on, drinking beer and joking about whatever came to mind. A lot of the conversation seemed to be about the absence of Iggy, everybody’s favourite ‘bot. Jon and Hayley brought a bottle of champagne, and we celebrated the charges of fraud against Paul being dropped. And we huddled, as a group, closer to the embers as they burned out, stopping now and then to steal more wood from a nearby building site to fuel it a little longer.

Andy and Faye are tied up by Ruth; they raise no objections.

Temperatures were low; spirits were high: it was a shame not to see folks like Andy, Sian and Liz there, but it was nice to see folks like Peter and Jimmy, who are usually a little more challenging to extract out on these crazy ventures. And those of us that survived the experience retired to The Flat to play Chez Geek and Fluxx past midnight.

The fire burns.

That’s why Aber’s great. And that’s why I’m glad I’m here.

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  1. Ah yes I have some fond memories of lighting fires on the beach! One of the last things me and my mates did before we finished our final year was to have a great big fire and BBQ on the beach at Clarach. I built the fire and it turned out pretty nice! Here’s a piccy: Highly recommended to go over there in the summer because the beach is much quieter than the Aber sea front. Plus there are great views from Constitution Hill. That said you’ll want to avoid the main tourist season because there is a big caravan park.

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