More Flash: “Second Term”

Jon has posted to his blog about "Second Term", JibJab‘s most recent parody of the American policial system (you’ll remember It’s Good To Be In D.C. and This Land, which I blogged about earlier). In any case, the versions you’ll find on JibJab and Yahoo are surrounded by advertisements and can’t easily be resized (hey; if you’ve got the processing power to run it full-screen, do so!), so I’ve made a copy of it here for you to watch.

4 replies to More Flash: “Second Term”

  1. All I can say is “5.8MB!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?”

    And I’m slightly concerned that they’re rather backing themselves into a corner labelled “one-trick horse”…

  2. I’m still complaining in spite of having a real real Internet connection! I’m not sure exactly how fast it is (the network‘s 100Mbps, but there are probably all kinds of bottlenecks between me and the outside World)…but it’s still the fastest thing I’ve ever seen – can’t argue with 4-5MB/s from decent web servers!!

    It’s those yokels in the World who aren’t so fortunate I weep for. To think I’m still taking the time to optimise every JPEG I put on KTAB News!

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