Making Progress

Claire’s at work this Saturday morning, so I’m taking advantage of the oppertunity to finish the web site I’m developing for my dad – almost got a deployable version ready, which is nice, because I could do with getting his feedback on it and (assuming all’s well with design and whatnot) deploying it “live” on Monday morning. Which is all good, because I need the money!

The folks who now own the cafe below us – our new landlords – have made great strides in getting it ready for use. It’s now got tables, and chairs, and a chiller unit, and some stock, and a coffee maker, and all kinds of stuff. It’s been entirely repainted and refloored and redecorated. It’s pretty much ‘there’. They’ve even put up the new sign. The new sign advertises the cafe’s web site, I’ve taken a look… and… it would appear that they tried to make a web page in Microsoft Word (bad start), then ran the source code through a copy of Dadadodo to ensure that it was completely mangled, before they uploaded it. Jeez. Still, they’ve asked me to quote them for a new one, so once I’m done with this site for my dad I’ll see what I can do for them.

Speaking of Dadadodo, Claire‘s been playing with it recently. You should see what happens when you put the book of Genesis through it… oh; we laughed.

Back to the code…


  1. Oh dear… that website doesnt look at all good under Firefox on Linux :-/

    Having said that though, I drove past the shop this morning and it looked rather nice there :)
    We’ll have to go and sample the food and the coffee when they open…


  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Umm… Bryn – the website’s cross-browser compatability isn’t the issue here: it looks identical on Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer… Lynx…

  3. Oh… fair enough, I had assumed that it would looked vaguely useable under IE…

    My bad

    The place still looks good mind :)


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