A Win For A Sensible Web Browser

I’m making progress with the people I work with. I’ve now got six of the eight folks in our office using Opera (they were formerly using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and some of them have tried Mozilla Firefox. Perhaps my recent spate of ‘blog posts criticising Microsoft’s browser – combined with the various hacks I’ve been showing them that I can use to exploit an IE terminal – has had some part in this.

Just Phil and Sarah left who still use IE as their primary browser. Think I’ll install Firefox on the sly and see how long it takes them to notice.

Win. R.

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  1. Raz Raz says:

    I try and use FireFox on the PC at work as much as I can, but unfortunately our main product (TeamSmith) doesn’t work very well in anything other than IE (which sucks and I’ve told them that!)

    Safari is my browser of choice on my PowerBook still tho.

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