Sliding Doors, My High School Crush, And Wierd Dreams

Last night I had a weird dream which I’ve therefore decided to share with you. As usual, written first-person and present-tense:

I’m 16 and back and high school in some kind of ‘sliding doors’-esque alternate reality in which things went somewhat differently. In this one, I actually ask out Marguerite, a girl at school who I fancied the pants off. We get together, and make a fab couple. After high school, I go to Preston College and she goes to Runshaw (as actually happened), but all’s still well. But then, after college, I decide to come to University at Aberystwyth. She doesn’t want me to leave Preston to go to University, as she wants to study here. As we start to argue about this, I wake up.

Fuckin’ weird, and no mistake.

Haven’t seen Marguerite… pretty much since high school (interestingly, her older sister, Rosemary, studied here in Aberystwyth). However, a quick trawl of the World Wide Web found this (not terribly good) photograph of her at Victoria Falls:

[picture missing]

I shouldn’t mix Guinness, red wine, and real ale before sleeping.

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