What happens at ‘Troma Night’?

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What happens at ‘Troma Night’?

The weekly ‘Troma Night’ is organised, rougly, by the following stages:


The first stage of any week’s ‘Troma Night’ is the build-up of hype amongst the stars. It usually starts three or four days in advance, and is characterised by people suggesting films and generally getting excited about what they are soon to experience.

Claire getting excited about the prospect of watching 'Caution: Children at Play'


Dan & Claire’s flat almost always looks like a bomb has hit it. As a result, one of the first things that needs to happen is a good tidying session. Kit’s always good for this, as he’s pretty much treated as slave labour all the time and being allowed to watch DVDs in exchange for his help is the highlight of the week.

Kit tries to start the vacuum cleaner without also starting a fire - Claire and Dan's vacuum cleaner is a little unsafe...


Alec undoubtedly arrives later than everybody else, having phoned-in from the off-license to check if anybody wants anything while he’s there. Kit mumbles that he wouldn’t say no to free beer. Sometimes, other people place requests. Once everybody arrives and the drinking and conversation have begun, the party is underway. Adam brings another six pack of Fosters and drinks four cans of it, thereby slowly adding to the stacks of the stuff in Dan & Claire’s fridge, which nobody but him drinks. Either everybody brings Pringles, and we’re all stuffed before the pizza arrives, or nobody does, and we complain at their absence.

Pringles and beerPizza

We usually get as far as the first DVD menu before somebody suggests that we order pizzas. Unfortunately this means that we have to listen to the theme music from some Troma film (which, almost without exception, is tacky) on a loop until we’ve all agreed what pizzas we’re getting and ordered them. This track then remains embedded within our brains for all time, clogging them and preventing more valuable information from entering, in a similar manner to carbon monoxide in red blood cells.

Stacks of pizza boxes after Troma Night VIII

Eventually the pizzas arrive, and we eat them. This is a good thing. Paul, despite being a vegetarian, eats the pepperoni one.

Mmm... pizza.


Kit and Dan show their appreciation for good beer and bad films

With the DVD player(s) hooked up, we begin the screenings. We typically watch two or three movies in a single sitting, back to back, seperated by a 15-minute break for those who wish to go to the toilet or engage in idle chit-chat. A third movie tends to put us at about 1:30am, by which time we’re usually exhausted. And if not… there’s always more alcohol!

Engrossed in the film

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