[Bloganuary] Puppy Love

This post is part of my attempt at Bloganuary 2024. Today’s prompt is:

Can you share a positive example of where you’ve felt loved?

I’m going to let this young lady answer that for me:

I’m not even much of a “dog person”, but you can’t deny how much a dog can show adoration.

I could think of countless examples of feeling loved. As a child. As a parent. As a friend. As a lover.1 But picking up your dog from the dogsitter after you’ve been away for a few days somehow distils the feeling down to its most-basic.

Dan kneels in the grassy verge of a recently-ploughed field in late-afternoon summer sunshine, a long red dog's lead hanging around his shoulders. By his side, a champagne French Bulldog looks with anticipation up at him (or possibly at his closed fist).
Sometimes the look of affection instead reflects their love of the treat they anticipate you might have in your hand, but still.


1 I feel like I’m about to break into a Meredith Brooks song.



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