Dan Q performed maintenance for GC8W7QW Forgotten Bridge

This checkin to GC8W7QW Forgotten Bridge reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Routine maintenance visit. Came in via the path through the field to the North (pictured) which was pretty challenging because the “path” is almost as deep in vegetation as the cornfield that straddles it! Gloriously hot today, and the elder tree at the GZ smells lush!

Pleased to see a log entry from March by some picknickers who found the cache by accident. Delightful!

Cache remains in fine condition and ready to be found!

Dan, in a black t-shirt with "never without art" written on it, waves to the camera. He's standing in a cornfield, but the "path" that cuts diagonally through it is filled with plants to a similar height as the corn, making it hard to pass.

Map of 51.7652,-1.390367

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