Dan Q found GC8QB3G INWT #13: Scalewra Settlement

This checkin to GC8QB3G INWT #13: Scalewra Settlement reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Some fellow volunteers from a nonprofit I help run and I are staying at nearby Myddelton Lodge and came out to find a couple of local caches on our lunch break. This was the first, and my new-to-geocaching colleague Paul was first to put his hands on the cache. Nice one. TFTC.

Log very wet, almost impossible to sign.

Dan and John stand on a two-plank footbridge over a stream alongside Dan's fellow Three Rings volunteer Paul, looking uphill towards the camera. The stream runs through moderately-dense deciduous woodland and the forest floor is covered with greenery.

Map of 53.9363,-1.831383

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