Dan Q found GC88YX7 Return of the Obelisk (Virtual Reward 2.0)

This checkin to GC88YX7 Return of the Obelisk (Virtual Reward 2.0) reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Today I’m driving most of the way up the M1, and I’ve parked nearby mid-journey to recharge: both the car’s battery and mine, with some lunch and a walk around the local geocaches.

As I climbed the hill to this virtual I initially thought I might have trouble seeing the obelisk through the dense foliage, but I was quickly proven wrong as it rose up and above the trees. Blackbirds jostled for space atop it: apparently the status of being “king of the castle” counts for something, even though it’s clearly impossible for them to nest up there!

Thanks for bringing me here, and TFTC!

Dan stands under a brick obelisk under a mostly-clear blue sky. He is smiling and pointing at the landmark.



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