Geohashing expedition 2022-02-20 52 -1

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Outside a warehouse full of sheet aluminium, Kitts Green Road, Birmingham.



I’m hoping to find the 2022-02-19 52 -2 hashpoint one day earlier and one graticule over, and I think I can stretch the range on the electric car enough to be able to return home via this hashpoint too.

Update: managed to change the car after finding the 2022-02-19 52 -2 point, so I can make this. Probably be there about midday, weather-permitting.


Following my successful expedition to 2022-02-19 52 -2 (which completed level 6 of my minesweeper grid) I stayed overnight in a delightful converted hayloft near the hashpoint before pressing on the following morning to this hashpoint (via a whole series of delightful geocaches in and around the village of Blakedown).

I didn’t expect much of this hashpoint, but I wanted the excuse to recharge the car before going for another leg of my journey – either a trip up to visit a friend in Lichfield or else a hashing expedition one graticule further East where today’s hashpoint seemed to be in a graveyard! But more on that later.

I parked at the Morrisons car park at (52.757778, -1.752222) at 14:48 and hooked up to the charger there (once I eventually found it). I had some difficulty making it work, but it seemed to get started eventually. Then I began my walk to the hashpoint. This was far from the picturesque walk of yesterday, taking me through a series of housing estates that were nondescript at best, unpleasantly scuzzy at worst. Shooting video as I walked, I was at one point loudly mocked by a group of young men passing in an artificially-loud car, but it was an activity that soon had to end anyway as the rain began to pour down. At around 15:11 my GPSr ran out of battery power (I’d failed to find its charging cable the night before) and there’s a clear gap in my tracklog: fortunately I was also equipped with not one but two backup devices (my phone, of course, and my watch), so I was able to continue heading in the right direction, and when I found a convenience store near (52.739167, -1.998333) I bought some AA batteries (my GPSr can have its rechargeable battery removed and 3 × AA batteries put in its place to allow it to continue) and pressed on to the hashpoint.

As anticipated, the hashpoint was on a road dividing a light industrial park from a housing estate, right outside a plant specialising in bending plate aluminium; I reached it at 15:23:48. I walked back the same route as the rain began to fall more and more heavily: by the time I reached the car it had become torrential. The dubious charging point I’d used had taken £16 from my bank card but provided only enough charge to take the car from 66% to 67% battery, which – combined with the rapidly-worsening weather – made me rethink my plans to visit Lichfield or explore further East and I instead used my remaining distance to take a long (slow, wet, diversion-filled) drive home. Ugh.


My GPSr kept a tracklog of my entire two-day expedition:

Download tracklog.


I shot video of most of this expedition but don’t have time to edit it, so here are stills from the video instead:


Dan Q found GC8V990 NANOBLITZ You’ve got some Rattle

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A hard walk to an easy find, but this cache has definitely caught the worst of the stormy conditions. Its hiding place has flooded and the container is drenched. Dried as best I could, but it needs CO attention. TFTC.

Dan Q found GC8V997 NANOBLITZ Ground

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Getting down the muddy bank (picture attached) to this one was a bit spicy! Like those before me, I found the cache wedged tight into its hiding space. But unlike them, I was able to construct a crude lever with which to set it free! SL, TFTC.



This checkin to GC8RWDN NANOBLITZ C Log reflects a log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Found after an extended hunt, not where the hint would suggest. Looks like it blew quite a way away! Returned to pave specified by coordinates and hint. Log extremely wet, hard to sign.

You were right about the views from up here, though!


Dan Q found GC8V98F NANOBLITZ Under a Tenor

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Don’t want to be a grass, but I don’t think that’s legal tinder. End of this road for me, need to loop a different direction now to stay on schedule for my planned arrival at the 2022-02-20 52 -1 geohashpoint!

Dan Q found GC8RN35 NANOBLITZ A Log

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Found, but only thanks to the hint! My GPSr had me on the wrong side of the road. In case anybody else is similarly affected, I found the cache about 11m away from where I expected to, at N 52 23.698, W 002 10.330. TFTC!

Dan Q found GC8R5ZK NANOBLITZ Pulling a Female

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The recent winds had blown this little lady clear of her hiding place and into the tree next door. Thankfully I was able to retrieve her by her tether and return her to where (it looks like) she belonged. Log starting to take on water but not in need of maintenance yet, but possibly worth replacing the seal on the container later in the year. TFTC!

Dan Q found GC8R613 NANOBLITZ Sound FX

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I had to give up on the trail to Deansford Lane: too muddy for my boots! Instead heading East, I found this delightfully noisy cache! Bit of a stretch to reach but managed in the end, and honestly spent longer retrieving the log than hunting for the cache. Genius, FP awarded.

Dan Q found GC8R5WH NANOBLITZ Like a Rat up a Pipe

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First place I looked, but I still squeaked with delight to see the cache container! There were many options for my stop-and-cache plan on today’s journey, but I’m already glad I chose here: these caches are awesome, and that’s coming from somebody who normally hates nanos. FP awarded.

Dan Q found GC8R5V9 NANOBLITZ Power Point

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On a geohashing expedition, between the 2022-02-19 52 -2 and 2022-02-20 52 -1 hashpoints, I decided to pull over and do a little geocaching. This first find was very easy – coordinates were spot on, and the container’s unusual design stood out to me. I love a good “concealed in plain sight” cache. TFTC.