When do I #blog? A breakdown of my top four #indieweb content types – articles, reposts, checkins and notes – by month.

Blog posts by type and month, a graph showing how articles barely change throughout the year but reposts are highest in the first half of the year, checkins peak in the spring and summer, and notes get a big boost in November.

Unsurprisingly my checkins, which represent #geocaching/#geohashing activity, grow in the spring and peak in the summer when the weather’s better!

At first I assumed the notes peak in November might have been thrown off by a single conference, e.g. musetech, but it turns out I’ve just done more note-friendly things in Novembers, like Challenge Robin II and my Cape Town meetup, which are enough to throw the numbers off.

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  1. Yes, sort of, but I’m not entirely happy about it! ;-)

    The hashtags in my notes for the benefit of networks they get syndicated to (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) don’t always line up with my own taxonomies!

    I’ll do something smarter down the line.

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