Dan Q found GC4NTRC Motorway Mayhem M5 Michaelwood Northbound

This checkin to GC4NTRC Motorway Mayhem M5 Michaelwood Northbound reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Stopped at the services on my way back to Oxford from Lands End, where I was dropping my partner’s brother and his skiff into the sea to begin his attempt to row the length of the UK! The boat trailer is wobbling in a curious way so I’ve been driving extra carefully, so it’s been a long journey so far (and I’ve still got the A40 to tackle!) so the opportunity for a break is a welcome one.

Cache was easy to sight – with the hint – and stealthing around the nearby truckers wasn’t hard, but prickly plants made retrieving the container a little challenging. Wish I’d brought gloves! SL, TFTC.


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