As an intermittent geohasher, I was saddened when the xkcd forum hack lead to the loss of the Geohashing Wiki, so I worked to bring it back from the dead. This was great, and I’ve enjoyed making use of it in the few expeditions I’ve found time for since then. But I did it mostly for me; I wanted the wiki back. If other people felt the benefit, that was a nice side-effect.

Postcard depicting Lüneburg Town Hall, Lower Saxony, Germany
Lüneburg, I thought to myself… I don’t know anybody who’s on holiday in Lüneburg, do I?

But today my heart was filled with joy when today I received a postcard – a hashcard, no less – from fellow hasher Fippe, whose expedition to Lüneburg last week brought him past the famous town hall shown in the postcard, as evidenced by his photo from the site.

Postcard: Dear Dan Q, greetings from the Geohash 2020-03-13 53 10! And thank you very much for relaunching the wiki! Please forgive me for looking up your address online. Happy Hashing! Fippe
Fippe found my address online; I’m not sure which (of several possible) mechanisms he used, but we’re fortunate that I haven’t recently-moved-house (as I hope to later this year) yet!

A delightful bonus to my day.

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