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  1. Same with @firstdirect… 8-12 characters, no symbols… not like my money is at stake or anything! I try to do most of my banking by phone instead. It’s daft; people wanting lower level of security could still have it even if security was improved for the rest of us… @PWTooStrong

  2. Hi Katie. Thanks for your feedback. We take security very seriously, and I’m happy to say that your electronic password will only let you log on and pay existing beneficiaries or check your balance. For new payments you will need a Secure Key or Digital Secure Key. (1/2) ^BH

  3. I understand that you’d like your electronic password to contain special characters as well as letters and numbers, and I’d like to log this as feedback. If you can DM me your full name and post code, I will do this right away. (2/2) ^BH


  • passwordistoostrong

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