Dan Q performed maintenance for GCD6A6 The Trout Trek

This checkin to GCD6A6 The Trout Trek reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Cache container replaced with a new, hardier one. Salvageable cache contents transferred over (safety specs, golf tee, eraser, mini tambourine). Added new logbook (including laminated copy of names and dates of every finder so far in the cache’s 15½-year history), pencils, and silica gel (to try to help keep the damp out). Added new tradables including rhino toy, “magic eye” playing cards, unactivated travel bug, ready-to-hide “bison tube”-style geocache, toy shed, metal puzzle.

I’ll be updating the cache description later today to bring it in line with features now available on this site that weren’t even the cache was first hidden (e.g waypoints) and to acknowledge the original CO.

Also: did since litter picking around the GZ including removing the latern battery spotted recently by another cacher.

This 15½ year-old cache is back in health!


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