Digest for March 2018


This month I reminisced about that time Paul made and ate a Birmingham Egg (with help from Jon) and used doing so as a comment on Web siloisation and how it may be reducing diversity of “weird” content online. I also contemplated what recent observations about neural nets might mean for our understanding of child psychology and language development (in an only slightly tongue-in-cheek way).

Ruth, JTA, the kids and I took a snowsports holiday to the French alps, where I also found a handful of geocaches: GLV85XH3, GLV85X2Z, and GLV85W40.

And I reposted an XKCD comic about violin plots, a community of Javascript <canvas> programmers who try to get great effects into only 140 characters of code, and a fabulous vlog telling a story about an unusual first-time RPG participant.

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