Review of Snozone

This review of Snozone originally appeared on Google Maps. See more reviews by Dan.

Having been skiing on ‘real’ snow for ~25 years, I was pleasantly surprised by the believability of this indoor artificial slope: slightly icy, crystalline snow but otherwise very much like the real thing. Better yet was the service: owing to an administrative mix up (slightly my fault, slightly their fault) I arrived anticipating an hour’s private snowboard tutoring – as I hadn’t snowboarded in 16 years – a full 24 hours ahead of when I was expected. Nonetheless, they sorted me out with an instructor and honoured the verbal agreement I claimed to have, despite what was written on my ticket!

Compared to an Alp, the slope is extremely short and the lifts painfully slow, but this gem of a site beats dry-sloping by a long, long way, and offer helpful friendly service to boot.

Map of 52.0417946,-0.7480233

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