Review of St Aldate’s Post Office

This review of St Aldate's Post Office originally appeared on Google Maps. See more reviews by Dan.

This Post Office used to be plagued by long queues for its service desks. Now they’ve replaced half the service desks with a greater number of self-service machines, and yet it somehow seems to have even longer queues as a result. The new system is unfathomable (Do you need self service or not? If not, you need to take a ticket for which you first need to go to a different kind of self-service machine…) and so they’ve had to give somebody the job of standing at the entrance and trying to direct people to the right tool for them.

If you manage to accidentally get past this helper then you’ll find yourself lost, with no idea where you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do.

Use a different post office or, better yet, do as much as you can online. For your sanity.

Map of 51.7509853,-1.2573324

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