Dan Q found GLQP4RPJ Church Micro 9088 – Islip, St Nicholas

This checkin to GLQP4RPJ Church Micro 9088 - Islip, St Nicholas reflects a geocaching.com log entry. See more of Dan's cache logs.

Came out with my 3 y/o niece (and budding geocacher) to the play area across the road and took a diversion to come find this cache. Enjoyed finding the stages and reading/counting to get the requisite numbers. GZ (from our interpretation of the coordinates) had an ‘obvious’ hiding place, based on previous Church Micros we’ve found, but our instincts were deceptive: what we needed to be looking for wasn’t really ‘micro’-sized nor was it, as we’d initially suspected, magnetic!

Hint meant nothing to us (some kind of pop culture reference?) but previous logs that mentioned broadening the search helped us resolve to carry on searching despite the recent DNF, and we evacuating found the container. We found it on the ground, but based on its design we don’t believe that that’s where it was supposed to be, so we returned it to the nearest location for which its design seemed to fit. Logs slightly damp, not critical, but we weren’t carrying our repair kit so we weren’t able to do any maintenance.

A great idea for a multicache but might benefit from a better hint (it still makes no sense even after finding the cache!) and perhaps a better hiding place (based on the logs, this one looks like it keeps getting disturbed).


Map of 51.82302,-1.23697

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