v108 released – faster updates, smarter caching, better “back” button support, able to power more private subs, new subs, and “tiny icons” mode

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I’ve just released a new version of MegaMegaMonitor, v108. It’s compatible with v106, so you can upgrade “at your leisure” (or else your browser will probably do it for you in a day or two). Here’s what’s new:

  • Faster updates – thanks to some improvements at the back-end (and with apologies to people who were temporarily inconvenienced by missing flair for a few hours yesterday), your MegaMegaMonitor icons should now never be more than 8 hours out-of-date (and typically closer to 3-4), rather than the previous 24 hour delay.
  • Smarter caching – this is achieved, however, alongside smarter caching, so your copy of MMM will spend less time checking for updated data, which will make it less-likely to slow your browser down, especially if your Internet connection isn’t very good.
  • Better “back” support – thanks to the HTML5 History API, the MegaMegaMonitor “tools/options” panel now has its own web address. Which means that if you press “back” to get out of it, it works like you’d expect, not in weird ways as it did previously. It also means that you can give people a link to “their MMM options page” if you’re helping them to understand it – here’s your MMM options page, for example!. Your options are still all stored on your computer, of course – it’s just an illusion.
  • Private sub supportat long last, MegaMegaMonitor is capable of supporting private subreddits of which I’m not personally a member. If you’re the moderator of a private sub and want to make this happen for your private sub, get in touch. If you’re not a moderator but would like this to happen for your private sub, talk to your moderators! This new change means that, for the first time ever, it’s possible for somebody to have more icons than me. Get collecting!
  • New subs – Icons, cryptokeys etc. have been added for /r/MegaLounge2, /r/BestFriendClub, and are ready to be added to /r/NinjaLounge and /r/PirateLounge as soon as the /r/PirateLounge mods add /u/MegaMegaMonitorBot as a contributor (there are also some bonus features for the /r/NinjaLounge and /r/PirateLounge on the way, too).
  • “Tiny icons” mode – don’t like how much space all of the icons take up? Now from the options page you can switch to “tiny icons”, which are eye-squintingly small but should fit daintily alongside the name of the redditor you’re looking at. How sweet.

I hope that’ll keep you all amused for a little while. Don’t forget to get in touch if you’d like icons for your private subs: I wonder if the /r/HarryPotter folks would like MMM support for their “houses” (which are four private subs)? And whatever happened in the end to /r/DragonLounge? And is /r/ElephantLounge still a thing? The more subs MMM supports, the sooner people will finally start overtaking me with icons!

(FYI: the /r/centuryclub mods have already said “no”, so that’s not going to happen until I get another 70K comment karma…)

Update: /u/gamehelp16 (who’s about to get some gold for their efforts) spotted a bug in the tiny icons that could make some icons invisible, some of the time. I’ve now released v110, which fixed that problem. Thanks, /u/gamehelp16!

Edit: fixed typo.

Update2: v108/v110 also broke the “search for a user’s posts by sub” feature, so I’ve rushed-out v112 to fix that. I really ought to initiate some kind of “beta” process, shouldn’t I?

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