I am avapoet. AMA!

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Last month, /u/Snazzlo did an MML AMA. I suggested that we should get to know one another better by making it a regular thing, with each IAmA MMLer nominating the next, and in response, /u/Snazzlo nominated me. Let’s do this thing!

I’m working from home this morning before I go to a dentist’s appointment at lunchtime, then I’m in the office in the afternoon (but I’ll still be on Reddit). Which is welcome, because I’m still slightly hungover from my birthday yesterday! And good news – the weekend is coming!

  • Me, sat at my desk, waiting to answer your questions. Sorry about the mess! My study is an absolute chaos at the moment, partially because we’re using large parts of it as storage space while we floor the loft but partially because I’m lazy. Looking to give me a challenge? Wait until I get to work this afternoon then ask me to identify some random thing in the photo.

11:20 Update: Off to the dentist. I have my phone, so I’ll try to answer any more questions from the waiting room.

14:10 Update2: At my desk at the office having come back from the dentist. My co-workers have belated birthday cake for me, but I can’t eat any yet because I can’t feel my lips! Maybe later!

15:40 Update3: Off to a meeting with my boss and a coworker – back in 20 minutes or so.

16:10 Update4: Back. But in another hour or so I’ll be cycling home, and probably offline for a few hours (gotta feed and bath the baby for bed, etc., and deal with some emails from my voluntary work): back as soon as I can though!

18:26 Update5: Home, eating pizza, baby’s about to get bathed by her mummy and daddy so I’ll soon free to pour myself a glass of wine, answer any more questions, decide who to nominate to do this next time, and perhaps hack some more code for MegaMegaMonitor!

21:23 Update6: /u/vanityprojects /u/Luckyaussiebob – I nominate you to be the next MegaManLounge AMA-er!

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